Established in 1936, the DSNY Columbia Association started with an idea. The idea was to unite a group of individuals within the same ethnicity and similar background in a forum committed to promoting a positive image for Italian Americans in the Department.

The DSNY Columbia Association is one of the oldest, largest, and most vibrant fraternal organizations within the City of New York’s Uniformed Forces. The Columbia Association has continued to flourish with the support of its thousands of members, and today, has expanded and built upon its original mission to now include its most important function; helping those who cannot help themselves. This mission would not be possible without the dedication of those members who give unselfishly to support and participate in all events and activities. These events include an Annual Dinner Dance, Golf Outing, NYC Columbus Day Parade on 5th Ave., Family Weekend Getaways, Picnics, and Memorial Masses, to name a few. These events allow us to support several charities with a mission consistent with helping others that require vital services and also assist in creating lasting memories for children with special needs.

The foundation of the Columbia Association has been built on old style traditions along with strong family values. This has enabled it to strive toward meeting objectives and expand on accomplishments, all while remaining true to its original mission.